Glenn Peters formed Sleeping Cat Ltd in 2006, from a creative background in both the music and signwriting industries, after two decades of designing visuals for everything from apple stickers to aeroplane graphics and just about everything in-between, and branding corporate clients throughout Australasia and the Pacific. Originally in Ponsonby, Auckland, the company relocated to Parnell in 2018. We approach every project with an eye for the aesthetic and equal parts fun and function!
Sleeping Cat Ltd is a full-service creative agency in Parnell, Auckland specialising in design, branding and marketing.
You probably recognise our clients' names but may not realise that we have been working with these companies, ensuring their brand consistency (some for the duration of our time in business) with a dynamic approach and engaging enthusiasm. Employing the famous Berry Gordy maxim of "innovate or stagnate", we've always stayed ahead of the curve in design trends and technology advancements. We offer custom Shopify website designs, email and social marketing campaigns and traditional print media design, all at competitive prices.
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